Sailing simulator

A few years ago, together with my brother-in-law, we decided to create a product that did not yet exist on theĀ market – a detailed sailing simulator assuming the use of real time and real weather and “sailing” with the computer turned off. After the first results of our work we planned to launch a campaign on Kickstarter, which would enable us to finance the project “seriously” ;) We got a promising 3D simulation engine “UNIGINE 2” for testing and got down to work. Brother-in-law was responsible for software and physics, I had detailed ideas for the whole project and I was responsible for creating the scenery. After a short time, working only “after hours”, we were able to build a model of the yacht, the first 3D scenery and import to theĀ engine mesh (real mesh of the terrain) and aerial photos of the Canary Islands in 3m/px quality.

Meanwhile a beta version of the Sailaway sailing simulator has been released, based on similar assumptions and the unique idea has ceased to be unique ;) So we dropped the project, but on the video below you can see the effect, which we managed to achieve after three months of work on the project:

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